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Nitrogen Generator System
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Nitrogen is the most widely used gas in industries; its versatile application ranges from blanketing and inerting to explosion protection. On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) protects fuel tanks on aircrafts and ships from the risk of fuel vapor explosion by replacing with nitrogen.

    · Fuel tank inerting : OBIGGS

    · Shipboard inerting (FPSO, FLNG, LNG Carrier)

    · Chemical processing

    · Simple operation and low maintenance requirements

    · Iron/aluminum/copper production and metals processing

    · Tire inflation

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Biogas Upgrading
  • Fermentation of biomass such as food waste, slurry and manure produces biogas. Typically, crude biogas is a mixture of about 60% methane (CH4), 40% carbon dioxide (COMsub>2), and a small amount of trace gases such as hydrogen sulfide. The pre-treated gas goes through gas separation membrane to yield biomethane of a much higher purity (over 97%) for natural gas grid.

    · Biogas (from food waste, manure, brewery, farm)

    · Landfill gas

    · Sewage slurry

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Power
  • Power generation requires a reliable and cost-effective solution for the control of various gases. Gas membrane is a perfect answer for many of those challenges; improving fuel efficiency with oxygen-enriched air, ensuring safety through inerting and purging systems, or reducing carbon emission.

    · CO2 Capture & Storage

    · O2 generation for oxyfuel combustion

    · H2 purification for fuel cell power generation

    · Inerting system

    · Oxygen removal from steam water

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductors and display panels manufacturing requires high-purity gas control. Even waste water containing IPA or SF6 can be treated with gas membrane to produce more concentrated IPA/SF6 solutions which can be recycled and generate additional revenue.

    · IPA/Hydrochloric acid purification for recycling

    · Oxygen/Carbon dioxide/Nitrogen controlling for de-ionized (DI) water

    · Anti-static treatment for ultrapure water

    · Clean room for ultra-fine dust removal

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Food & Beverage
  • Long-distance transportation and prolonged shelf life requirements have made nitrogen an essential part of the food and beverage industry. AIRRANE is also working to provide solutions which control a variety of gases to revolutionize the taste of our everyday drinks

    · Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

    · Storage tank blanketing and water treatment

    · Controlled atmosphere transport and storage

    · Carbonation for Bag-in-Box Beer

    · Nitrogen coffee/beer

    · Sparkling wine

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Health Care & Air Quality Control
  • From humidity control and oxygen generation systems at hospitals to air purifier and oxygen generator at home, an increasing demand for air quality control will be met with gas membranes.

    · Air dryer and air purifier

    · Humidity controller

    · Portable oxygen concentrator

  • Nitrogen Generator System
  • Oil & Gas
  • For impurity removal (SO2 , CO2 , H2S) from natural gas to the recovery of hydrogen in oil refinery process, gas membrane offers a costeffective and energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of applications in oil & gas industries.

  • Natural Gas

    · Nitrogen, CO2, H2S removal
    · Enhanced oil/natural gas recovery
    · Offshore nitrogen generation
  • Refinery

    · Hydrogen recovery from syngas processes
    · CO2 removal from syngas
    · Steam generation with enriched oxygen air
  • Petrochemical

    · Hydrogen purification
    · Recovery of monomer & solvent from EO, PE, PVC process

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