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  Anti Static For DI Water System
AIRRANE for Dehumidification
Schematic Diagram
  Anti Static For DI Water System
Water is essential to life, but water vapor in air can be damaging to many facilities and processes. From pharmaceutical plants to electronical and chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production and medical equipment, the need for dehumidification is almost universal across all industries. Membrane separation is widely employed as a drying method of choice for its versatility and economic efficiency. Able to cover a broad range of varying conditions and requirements, membrane technology is fit to be your first option for dehumidification.
Key Applications
  •   Anti Static For DI Water System

    Low-dewpoint instrument

  •   Anti Static For DI Water System

    Drying powder products

  •   Anti Static For DI Water System

    Pneumatic Equipment

  •   Anti Static For DI Water System

    Dehumidification for
    Semi-conductor production

  •   Anti Static For DI Water System

    Pressurization for electronic

  •  Membrane Dryer

    Dehumidified compressed air
    for Painting Process

  •  Membrane Dryer

    Scientific research equipment &
    Analytical process

  •  Membrane Dryer

    Medical equipment

  • Why Membrane for Dehumidification?
  • · Easy and versatile installation in all positions

    · Immediate operation without any lag time

    · Low energy consumption without additional power supply

    · Uninterrupted operation cycle

    · Eco-friendly process without CFCs/FCs

    · Minimal maintenance requirement

  •  Membrane Dryer

Method Desiccant Refrigeration Membrane
Dehumidifying Performance High Low Mid-High
Dew Point -30 – -57°C 0 – -20°C -20 – -40°C
Installation Area Large Large Small
Maintenance Requirement Middle Middle Easy
Device Size Small - Large Small - Large Small - Middle
Components Tower / Tank / Heat Exchanger Refrigerant / Condenser / Heat Exchanger Separation Membrane / Filter

 Membrane Dryer
AIRRANE Product Specifications
Model Number Dimension (mm) Connection (inch) Weight
L OD ID Feed Retentate Permeate
MMD-1512A 365 55 40 1/2” 1/2” 1/4” 0.9kg
MMD-1522A 585 55 40 1/2” 1/2” 1/4” 1.3kg
MMD-2022A 585 70 50 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 1.9kg
MMD-3032A 856 110 82 1” 1” 1/2” 6.5kg

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