Pervaporation & Vapor Permeation

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Pervaporation & Vapor Permeation

Airrane for Pervaporation & Vapor Permeation
Schematic Diagram
 Nitrogen Gas Membrane System
Pervaporation is derived from the two steps of the process, permeation through the non-porous membrane by the permeate, then its evaporation into the vapor phase which is condensed into liquid phase. Membrane acts as a selective barrier between the two phases, the liquid-phase feed and the vapor-phase permeate. It allows the desired component of the liquid feed to transfer through it by vaporization. Pervaporation technology could be applied to the separation of alcohol/water mixture, organic compound/water mixture and vapor permeation process.
Key Applications
  • Biogas Upgrading Korea
  • Pervaporation

    ·Dehydration of water/organic liquid mixture
    ·Removal of VOCs from water/organic liquid mixture
    ·Separation of organic/organic liquid mixture
  • Vapor permeation

    ·Monomer recovery from polymerization proce
    ·Oil mist collect from oil storage tank
Why Membrane Pervaporation?
  • ·Low cost separation without chemical additives

    ·Effective separation even with small gap of boiling points of mixture.

    ·Low energy consumption system for vapor permeation

    ·Compact size facility with module designing

    ·Easy and quick start-up system

    ·High purity permeate attainable Why Membrane Pervaporation?

    Biogas Upgrading Korea

Comparison of dehydration costs of ethanol from 94 vol% to 99.9 vol% by different techniques
Method Vapor-permeation ( €/t )
Pervaporation ( €/t ) Entrainer distillation ( €/t ) Molecular Sieves Adsorption ( €/t )
Vapor - 6.4 60.0 40.0
Electricity 20.0 8.8 4.0 2.6
Cooling water 2.0 2.0 7.5 5.0
Replacement of membranes 9.5 15.3 - -
Entrainer - - 4.8 -
Replacement of molecular sieves - - - 25.0
Total costs 31.5 32.5 76.3 72.6
W. Kujawaski, Polish Journal of Environmemtal Studies, Vol 9, No 1(2000)

  Oxygen Concentration Membrane

AIRRANE Product Specifications
Model Number Dimension (mm) Connection (inch) Weight
L OD ID Feed Retentate Permeate
MVB-6040P 1080 200 150 1.5" 1.5" 1.0" 19kg

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